Bugs Dashboard

Bugzilla Isn't Just For Developers Any More

We Make Reporting From & Managing Projects With Bugzilla Easy
Trust, but Verify

Benefits For Senior Management

  • Validate what you hear with facts
  • Company-wide performance at-a-glance, project drill down when desired
  • Risk reduction and mitigation through greater visibility, better communication
  • Key Performance Indicators set to your specifications
  • Facilitate communications with internal and external customers
Deep Insights Without Disruptions

Benefits For Project Managers

  • Individual and team accountability
  • Workload and Resource Allocation
  • Project-by-project reporting
  • Drag-and-drop prioritization
  • Drag-and-drop changing of severities
  • Drag-and-drop reassignment of bugs
Day-to-day Benefits

Benefits For Developers

  • Side-by-side bug comparison
  • Workload & assignment visibility
  • Software Development Kit allows you to easily extend Bugs Dashboard
  • Fully commented templates get you up-to-speed fast for your own widgets
  • Publish your favorite scripts and share your widgets with the community

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