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  • Activity Graph
    Activity Graph
    You may elect to view one or more trends on the Activity Graph; the number of bugs assigned over time, the number of bugs opened over time, the number of bugs resolved over time or all of these within one graph.
  • Add Time
    Add Time
    The Add Time widget allows the user logged in to quickly record time worked on a bug. The advantage to this widget is that the work can be recorded for previous dates, something not currently possible in Bugzilla.
  • Added Attachments
    Added Attachments
    Displays bugs which have had attachments added to them. Attachments can be valuable in communicating the underlying issue.
  • Auto Refresh
    Auto Refresh
    Allows you to set a time interval after which all widgets on the page are automatically refreshed.
  • Bar Chart
    Bar Chart
    Displays the count of bugs within each priority or severity in a bar chart.
  • Big Reporters
    Big Reporters
    Lists the top 100 reporters who have submitted 500 or more bugs.
  • Bug Burndown Chart
    Bug Burndown Chart
    Displays the time worked on a bug by date showing the progressive burn down of estimated time to completion of the work through actual time recorded.
  • Closed As Unconfirmed
    Closed As Unconfirmed
    Lists the number of times each person has closed an unconfirmed bug as invalid, duplicate or “works for me”.
  • Counts By Priority
    Counts By Priority
    A table of all open bugs by their priority for each product. The differences between this and the Priorities By Product are the presence of a totals line here and the presence of highlight colors in the Priorities By Product.
  • Counts By Severity
    Counts By Severity
    A table with the number of open bugs by severity for each product.
  • Counts By Status
    Counts By Status
    A table of all open bugs by their status. This is a good look at your pipeline as the statuses represent your workflow, e.g. unconfirmed to confirmed.
  • Counts For Priorities
    Counts For Priorities
    An at-a-glance visual aid to the distribution and impact of priorities within the bugs database.
  • Disabled Accounts
    Disabled Accounts
    Looks for orphaned records; those whose assignee are no longer active in the bugs database.
  • Disabled QA Contacts
    Disabled QA Contacts
    Attempts to limit orphaned bugs by listing those bugs whose QA Contact is no longer active in the bugs database.
  • External Links
    External Links
    For those times when you’re not at your personal workstation, you can save a list of links which will be available from within your dashboard.
  • Individual Workload
    Individual Workload
    The workload assigned to each user can easily be displayed in bar, pie or table format. This helps to adjust resources when unexpected bottlenecks occur.
  • Marked Fixed
    Marked Fixed
    Displays the number of times a bug has been marked as “fixed”. A high number could indicate poor code quality, inadequate testing methods, or both.
  • New Issues
    New Issues
    Lists all bugs which have been opened in the past 7 days. This is intended to help with the triage of bugs.
  • Priorities And Severities Pie Chart
    Priorities And Severities Pie Chart
    The pie chart helps you visualize the number of bugs within either the priorities or severities quickly and easily.
  • Priorities And Severities Treemap
    Priorities And Severities Treemap
    Grouping bugs by severity within their priority helps to visualize how much effort is really required to overcome major obstacles.
  • Priorities By Component Severity
    Priorities By Component Severity
    Lists the number of bugs assigned to a priority within the group of severities for a component by product.
  • Priorities Table
    Priorities Table
    The count of open bugs in each priority for each product helps to assess where the work needs to focus.
  • Product Burndown Chart
    Product Burndown Chart
    Displays the time logged against bugs for a particular product.
  • Responsibilities
    List the number of bugs assigned to each person by priority.
  • Restrict Dashboard By Product
    Restrict Dashboard By Product
    Allows you to restrict each individual widget of a dashboard to a particular product after the dashboard has been published. This is useful in pin pointing suspected anomalies.
  • Scorecard
    The Scorecard widget provides an easy-to-understand at-a-glance indication of the health within the bugs database.
  • Scrum Sprint
    Scrum Sprint
    Lists all bugs associated to a custom field which is presumed to be the sprint the bug will be fixed in.
  • Severity Counts
    Severity Counts
    Thermometers styled to your specifications provide a quick visualization on where open bugs are grouped by severity.
  • Side By Side Comparison
    Side By Side Comparison
    Highlights the differences between any two bugs, helping to triage bugs quickly by pointing out obvious duplicates.
  • Subversion Log
    Subversion Log
    To help you cross-reference issues you may see on Bugs Dashboard and wish to inspect closer, the Subversion Log widget will allow you to query a Subversion repository for a search term.
  • Tag Cloud
    Tag Cloud
    Visual aid to the clustering of open bugs within products, priorities and severities using font size and weight to emphasize distribution.
  • Time Worked
    Time Worked
    There are several options for reporting the amount of work logged in the bugs database including by the bug id, the user who worked the time, the product or sub-totaled by the date worked.
  • Top Confirmers
    Top Confirmers
    Lists the 20 people who have confirmed the most bugs.
  • Top Reporters
    Top Reporters
    Lists the top bug submitters. Unlike the Big Reporters which looks for 500 or more bug submissions, this widget will report on any number of bug submissions.
  • Top Ten Attachments
    Top Ten Attachments
    Lists the ten largest attachments.
  • Triage
    Lists the people actively changing the state of unconfirmed bugs.
  • Verified Invalid
    Verified Invalid
    Lists the number of bugs each person has marked as Invalid.